THE MORE PROTEIN is fed, the larger it grows MAN

The more you weigh, the more protein you need from The harder you train, the more you need this reason:. The more you need, the more you can also digest, absorb and integrate into your Muskulaur.

Someone who is 90kg weighs safely absorb more protein weighs as someone who 70kg. The fact that the timings of the intake of proteins and frequency of meals have no influence on the recovery, was also detected in this study.

Thus one of the protein myths is ever refuted easily. naturalslimlife

THE MORE PROTEIN is fed, the larger it grows MAN

If you eat every day 300g protein, the effects for muscle building can still only be better than if you just 150g eating, right? False. For while there is no limit of 30g of protein intake per meal, so there is still a limit or a need for every human being.

If this demand, which results from the sex, weight and hardness and frequency of training, will be covered, is achieved maximum success. If it is exceeded, the successes are not thereby even better. The body has no use for the extra amount of proteins and will retire this again without using.

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