YOU NEED 2G PROTEIN per kilogram body weight

For maximum success in muscle growth you should adhere to a wide variety of protein-rich foods to provide the body the complete amino acid profile.

YOU NEED 2G PROTEIN per kilogram body weight

Really matters to the protein myths? I mean yes! Because even if the disclosure of 2g of protein per kilogram of body weight is often recommended and often also leads to good results, you should not see it written in stone. As with all generalized information is not valid for everyone even when protein 2g per kilogram of body weight. slimlife natural side effects

There are persons who obtain a supply of protein per kilogram 1-1,5g maximum success and it will increase your carb intake. Others achieve their best results even with more than 2g. One must understand that we are all individuals who all have individual needs.

A beginner who trained not as hard as someone who trains for years, is a lower requirement than this. This is due not only to the different body weight, but also on the hardness of the training of the two. Just as a hardgainer usually has a greater need than someone who finds it easier to increase and build muscle.

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